10 Reasons To Travel

1.  Have an Adventure

Experiencing new things is definitely top of my bucket list. You get to add new memories and build skills you never thought you had. Which also gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in the most fun yet creative way. The idea of going on a random adventure opens your eyes, in such a way that you get to realise how others see the world in a different perspective from you.

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2. Take on Challenges

Travelling is full of moments, joy and definitely surprises. Challenge yourself to do things that you never thought you would do. The best part about taking on these challenges is the adrenalin feeling that you get. It gives you a sudden rush that will be worth every second.

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3. Change of scenery

Being in one place tends to get boring at times. After all, you get to see the same people and do the same thing every single day. Give yourself a chance to live elsewhere. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live there for a long period of time. So change your scenery, surely this will help you improve on your social skills.

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4. Meet new people

Relationships don’t just build themselves, you literally have to go out there and build them yourself. Getting to know a place with new people makes it easier because they tend to give you some tips or glimpse of what to visit and expect from that place. You also get to build friendships that might either last for a moment or a lifetime.


5. Taste variety dishes

Of course you have got to travel for the food!!!!!! Matter fact, that should probably be your first reason to travel. You will actually be surprised about the different flavours that the world gets to offer.

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6. Capture Moments

I’ve always said that memories are best made with a camera. Go out there and capture your life in a different sense. You don’t necessarily need a camera to do so, any digital device that contains a camera feature will do just the trick. It is always best to have physical proof rather than verbal proof.20151224_145808 (2)

7. Learn more about YOU

There is something about traveling that eases your mind, body and soul. Its clears your head in such a way that helps you focus on yourself. It re-assures you about your goals and what you want to achieve in life. It also helps you discover who you really are, as a person.

IMG-20151223-WA0021 (2)

8. Live without regrets

The worst part about growing up is knowing that you could have done something when you had a chance. Never delay your life because you assume that it will be easier later on. If you want to travel, just do it. (Well, don’t forget to save up some money to do so)

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9. Because you CAN

There are so many people in the world that don’t get the opportunity to travel. When given one, take advantage of it. Enjoy life as much as you can and appreciate it in every way possible.Snapchat-4447488539217683452 (2)

10. Collect souvenirs

Have you ever returned from a trip and thought “if only I had taken it”? I know I have. When you visit places, keep in mind to always grab something that will remind you of that place. You may not know it at that current moment but it will be useful in the near future.

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Eleanor Roosevelt once said:

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost and without fear for newer and richer experience.”


16 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Travel

  1. Peanut Butter Pudding from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures Momma's angel boys all dressed up and ready for church with their &quto;Bi-Books" (Bibles in Captain's language!)


  2. I don’t need reasons,just give the opportunity and I’ll dissappear :p
    Although this post would really help me in an essay i wrote some weeks ago!!

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  3. You have a great sense of travel, and the way you have organised this list makes it easy to engage with it, as well as get inspired 🙂 I hope to travel more in the near future..need to save up more. I try and do what I can in my city, and well food-wise, the most daring thing I’ve eaten is snails in a French restaurant! A tiny taste of France in my mouth- tasted like slimy chicken! 🙂

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  4. Oh, I totally agree with these. I admire your adventurous nature and how excited you are about new things n challenges; and reading this makes me want to discover more ey( even if I haven’t even planned anything lol). But yeah, great stuff.


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  5. I was waiting for your new post for awhile now, and it’s finally here! 🙂 I definitely agree with all 10 of your reasons to travel but second is my favourite! Have a great week xx

    make sure you check my new post aswell at:

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