A Blogger’s Block

Have you ever experienced the worst “hiatus episode” ever? It’s like everything you’ve planned or thought of has suddenly been put into an instant pause without any sign or warning. And for that period of time your mind goes blank. It’s as if someone placed a huge dark brick wall right in front of you while expecting you to be open-mined and creative.

And that is exactly what had happened to me…

In the past few weeks, I’ve been so focused on so many different things. Trying to find myself was my main focus. I had drafted so many blog post but they all seemed inappropriate at that time. So I decided to put aside everything blog related and PAUSE for a second. Well, its not that I felt overwhelmed or frustrated, its the fact that I wasn’t too sure what my main focus on my blog was anymore. I put down ideas for the fun of it without truly putting meaning into them.

The one problem about having so many great ideas in  mind is not knowing how to draft them apart and set them into particular categories. So you plan ideas on top of one another in hopes of achieving a better idea than the first, second or third attempt. With that being said, you either carry on until you reach maximum capacity or quit while you still can. In due time realising that everything you had ever worked for seemed meaningless and you have no choice but to start scratch.

I have to admit, taking some time off does wonders. I’ve learnt something in my short “unplanned” break. I’ve grown as a person and for once in my life, I know exactly what I want.

So here I am 2 months later.. YES, I SAID IT, 2 MONTHS LATER. I know what you’re all thinking, how is that possible? Well, if I had an answer, I would gladly give it to you. I, however, apologise to my readers that haven’t received new contents. I am truly SORRY!! Just like you, I hate unplanned circumstances.

With that being said…I AM BACK.

But I do have a question to my fellow worldwide bloggers/ readers, have you ever had an hiatus moment before? (PS: It doesn’t necessarily have to be blog related)

Let me know on the comment section down below, I’d love to read them. 🙂


18 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Block

  1. Yes you are so right alex4dhflagschannels, we all know who this asshole is, but the sad part is that the Gay community, accept for a few, has done nothing to fight this evil women. This blog is here for these kind of preuaems,unfortbnltoly we have yet come together as a team to end this kind of injustice. So the games continue.


  2. I had a hiatus a few months ago for similar reasons… trying to work out what I really wanted to blog about, or why I was even doing it at all. Something all you need though is a little time out 🙂 X


  3. Your post was helpful as we’re all the comments. I am in full on blog-loathing…I have post ideas but I’m feeling like my site needs to be organized and my self-criticism is as sharp as a diamond-tipped drill. At the same time I’m a relentless optimist and thrilled to finally be at least be trying.


  4. I know the feeling. It’s happened to me before. The best thing to do is to get away and come back with fresh ideas. Glad to hear you’re coming back to your blog.


  5. haven’t blogged since spring, majorly blocked by that mountain of ideas competing with procrastination. thank you for sharing, it’s comforting and inspiring to get to know your story

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  6. I spent 20 years running wild on dreams built for me by my parents and my lovers and suddenly realized that I was running a marathon for everyone except myself. I quit my job and started some introspection and started blogging about it. It’s scary and painful but it’s so worthwhile. So yes I’m in hiatus mode and it’s self-decided and it’s great.

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  7. I had a hiatus moment. I just returned from a month of not blogging and it felt great, sort of like a vacation. Now I’m back with more energy and creative juices than ever before. Don’t ever feel bad for taking a break. Sometimes that is all you need!

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