They say that the best part about living is experience life in the most utter astounding form possible because, as we all know and say, LIFE’S TOO SHORT. In the past few months I had the opportunity to attend four different POP UP themed restaurant events. Let me start off by saying that I had no clue as to what to expect and let alone what a “POP-UP’ was all about. Of course my inner adventurous soul agreed without a doubt, one thing a food lover like me does not dare to turn down.

In high school I was introduced to these two absolutely stunning identical twins, Lebogang and Tebogo Ndala. Now, I say identical because, well, in my eyes I couldn’t tell the difference. LITERALLY!  Although I had not known them personally, their sense of creative aura had rubbed off me like a fresh newly washed baby blanket.

They say creativity is a self taught characteristic that one possess in order to fulfil their inner artistic beings. Well, I think not. We are all born with different innovative minds but we all choose to either access it or not. In their case, they did a pretty good job at it as independent chefs.

Unfortunately for you guys, I’m not here to boast in writing about how amazing they are because I decided to switch it up a little. As some of you guys might or might not know, I’m also a photographer and I firmly believe that pictures tend to tell stories better than words. Then again, there are some that might agree or disagree.

Below you will see a series of photos taken by me

High Tea POP UP

This was thee very first pop up they hosted. We were all introduced to all sorts of sweet delicacies. Not only was the venue heart-warming and cosy but so were the crowds of people that attended that day. Let me just say, for their first event, they did an exceptional job.

 Pizza & Wine POP UP

One thing that makes a woman happy is pizza and wine. By woman, I’m specifically referring to me. Yes ladies you are all welcome to agree.  I think that this was my ultimate favourite one. By the end of the night the excessive amount of thrills I got for the next one was indescribable. And NO it was not the wine talking.

Heritage POP UP

We all know that food brings people together regardless of their different cultural background. On this day, we celebrated Heritage Day with soothing music that sparked conversations that would have lasted the whole night.

 Champagne Breakfast POP UP 

The day looked bright as ever, you would have thought the weather had done us a favour considering all the rain we had received. As we celebrated the twins birthday month, I got to realise that by attended the past  three pop up events they had not only  grown as creative individuals but also as one.

When I look back at all these photographs, I get a sense of motivation. I also get to see how one can meet people that you’ve once considered strangers turn into friends but most importantly sisters. As I watch them grow and inspire other individuals like me, I also earn something in return. After all, creativity cannot be copied but one can definitely gain inspiration.

So, my fellow readers, have you ever attended a POP UP Restaurant before? If so, how was it? Also, what’s the first word that pops up into your head when you hear POP UP Restaraunt?

Let me know in the comment section down below, I promise not to judge 🙂


7 thoughts on “#TwinMade

  1. Lol. Love the post firstly. You know, when I was told about the high tea pop up restaurant, I was like, “how are you going to make a restaurant ‘pop up'” these two are creative superstars.

    Funny enough, these pop ups are how I met you

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