I’ve officially established that I’m, without a doubt, obsessed with the world of photography. I get inspired by a few of my favourite nature photographers and then decide to incorporate a few of my ideas but in a slight different way. I focus mainly on finer details and the concept of microphotography. I do this with just the use of my Samsung Galaxy 5. Weird right?

 I chose to take photos of nature and objects because they were less complicated than simply capturing a photo of a person. Well, you see, the thing about people is that they expect you to take the picture on how they appear to view themselves rather than let the camera take its toll. Nature and objects, on the other hand, have no sort of emotions. You capture it as it is, therefore, realising its exact beauty without adjusting anything.

Here are a few glimpse of the photos I captured:

If you would like to view more photographs, do take the time to browse my instagram and facebook page

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