Life of an Explore

I sometimes find myself randomly wandering around from one place to another. Admiring the world in its raw form. The world as we see it has its own unique yet profound character that we tend to ignore at times but yet sometimes forget to embrace it just as it. As a photographer, the one thing I absolutely admire is stepping out into unknown distinct places and capturing what my eyes see.

The one thing I absolutely admire about the world of travel is how one can make a small difference without intentionally doing so. At times that may be visa versa. The world has an ability to transform you in good and bad terms but then again it all depends on you current circumstance. It also has an ability inspire in ways that could totally change your perspectives on how you view everything around you.

This is my favourite time of the year. Not only because the festive season puts me at ease but also because I get to take 3 weeks off from my nursing career and focus more on building my creative mind. This way it allows me to expand my abilities as a photographer and blogger.  I’ve always said that the best part about growing up is watching yourself evolve in all different forms, especially intellectually.

I have a few goals set for the next 3 weeks; travel, travel and TRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, of course, I won’t tell you guys now. The last thing I want to do is spoil it for you guys. You all just have to come back and see for yourselves.ncrqpyvn5lffptvwkxbsqnl42phkw8uvqafz89s4dts

So, my fellow readers, do you guys have a couple of goals for this festive season you’d like to share? (PS: It doesn’t have to be travel related) 🙂

Let me know on the comment section down below, I’d love to read them. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Life of an Explore

  1. Very nice post. I totally agree with you that this time of year can be a creative time, if you don’t let the stress of the holidays get you down :-D.

    For me, my goals for this time of year is to participate in as many author events that I can on Facebook. I’m a new self-published author and my first book is coming out next month so hopping on the author events can really help me get the word out. Plus, I see what other authors are doing, get some reading recommendations, and get to help other authors (and, in one case, I’m also participating in a book auction so I get to help charity as well).


    ~~~Tam May~~~

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      1. So true! My husband and I do like to ride to nearby areas that we have not been to before! I still consider that traveling. But I really wouldn’t mind going somewhere out of the state of AL. Happy holidays!

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