My Heart At Sea

The one thing that I look forward to, when travelling, is getting the opportunity to spend a few moments at the beach. Yes, this might sound a little bit corny and weird but I have a slight obsession with the ocean. The sight of the crystal clear sky blue water along with the scent of saltiness in the air suddenly puts my heart at ease.

I grew up in the suburbs. Meaning the only ocean view I got to see was on TV. And for 12 years of my life I dreamt of how it would have actually felt to finally put my feet on the warm grainy beach sand. So I waited…And when I finally turned 13, my dream turned into reality.20151224_145752 (2)

I still remember the very first time like it was yesterday (corny right? I KNOW.) My mother had always warned my siblings and I that the ocean was too dangerous and with one sweep, it could literally grab you and never return you to shore. But, of course, in that exact moment I didn’t think of that at all. My eyes glanced around like a spinning disco ball and all I  could see was beauty at its best. I wondered how something so huge and magnificent could ever exist on this planet.

IMG-20160108-WA0009 (2)

I guess I was proven otherwise. I mean, imagine standing in front of something that you’ve never ever seen in your life, wouldn’t you be in awe? I don’t know about you guys but I tend to kind of over exaggerate a few things in life. So pardon me for a second if I drift-off or slip into dreamland and never return.

20151224_124530 (2)

Pure bliss. I guess that’s what you can call this feeling. Sudden pure happiness. It’s indescribable if you ask me. What I’m trying to say is that everyone looks forward to that one thing or experience when travelling. I just happen to be slightly obsessed with the sea. #SORRYNOTSORRY

I’ve made it a “MUST Thing To Do” when I travel because at the end of the day we travel to please our inner wanderlust and not anyone else. I mean, after all, we’re given endless opportunities to please ourselves and why not do so.

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So, my fellow readers/travellers, what is your favourite part about travelling? What is that one thing that you just CAN’T forget to do? Is it tasting variety dishes, or perhaps getting to meet new people?

Let me know on the comment section down below, I promise not to judge 🙂


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