One of the best parts about meeting new people is discovering their hidden talents. Some show it better than others while some tend to hide it away, afraid of what people may say. When you finally get to see and experience their hidden skill, what better way to share it with the others.

I guess that I’ve already over emphasized the fact that I absolutely love food. So you already know where this post is heading…

At the beginning of the year I met a guy called Bogosi a.k.a Bogus (for short). A young, South African inspirational creative self-taught chef. (Okay, that was a little bit too long, PARDON ME) Well, in basic words, a food lover like myself. Inspired by Nigella Lawson , he took his love for food and turned it into a working piece of art in the kitchen.

Barbeque steak on Raw Spinach with Roasted Root Vegetables
Sautéed Hake with Nectarine Salad

The word “Bogus” was originally given to him by his bestfriend in Grade 10. The idea first came off as nothing else but just a simple nickname. Quite catchy, if you ask me.

“I’ve always liked alliteration and Bogus Bites just rolls off the tongue nicely. I originally came up with the name myself because Chris (former friend) always pressured me into showering people with the food I make. Basically, my friends gave me courage and inspiration to take it seriously.”

Although Bogosi studied IT (Information Technology), his love for food didn’t stop him from creating mouth-watering dishes that could literally give you goose bumps just by looking at it. (WELL, IN A GOOD WAY OF COURSE.) Currently working on improving himself everyday, he plans on pursuing his dream to be a professional chef. I for one, I think that would be a great idea.

Baked pumpkin, potato, broccoli, mushroom and rare beef salad
Beef, Olive and Feta Pizza
Slow cooked Pulled Beef, Crunchy Coleslaw on Butter Scone Sandwich

I don’t know about you guys but judging from the pictures, it feels like I can literally taste the food right in my mouth. THE PHOTOS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES .I don’t want to give too much details away so if you would like to know more about #BogusBites CLICK on the links provided to check out his Facebook Page and Instagram

Also, let me know on the comment section down below, which dish you would try if you were given the chance to do so. 🙂


33 thoughts on “#BogusBites

  1. Oh, I’ve only just eaten my lunch but I’m now hungry again after seeing the photos of the delicious food. Bogosi certainly does have a talent for making food look like a work of art. Mmmm…

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