Life is like a Roller Coaster!

It’s funny how life can quickly take a sudden turn and make it seem so easy to utterly complicated. You try so hard to understand why but at the end of the day trying to explain the “why” part is what makes it frustrating. Well you see, we all have goals and dreams of what we want to accomplish in a certain period of time but yet we believe that life is all about doing something or else we will be nothing. Then again, this is just me judging from everyone’s perspectives of LIFE.

Our generation is so easily influenced by one another. Now don’t sit there saying “well, not me. I’m different”. But come on, really? You think so. ARE YOU REALLY DIFFERENT? Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself what really makes you different? Is it your sense of style that you probably saw in a magazine, or perhaps the course your studying that someone else already studied and inspired you to do the exact same thing. Truth of the matter is, someone has already said or done everything you’ve already experienced in life. WEIRD RIGHT?

Let me start of by saying that my life is not always as simple or fun as I make if seem. Yes, you’ve seen the pictures on Instagram and Facebook but that’s because I allow you to see the good parts and never the dull or sad parts of it. Let me just say that my life changed completely since I last graduated from high school. I dealt with being indecisive to emotionally drained. I tried keeping up with everyone else that I lost track of myself. I suddenly found myself unsure of what to do in life and realized that not everything I’d thought I’d be would come in that certain timeline I had set in mind.

I delt with the most craziest moments in silence because that’s the best way I believed that I could. I must admit that I had cried a couple of times. In my mind, crying was my way of shedding of baggages. SO I CRIED! But I also prayed. Praying gave me a sense of new life and restoration.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everyone experiences life’s uncontrollable ups or downs in the same manner but that doesn’t mean that they don’t experience it all. I’ve always said that we all try so hard to be different but at the end of the day end up being alike. It’s not because we are all trying but its because we all aim to be distinct but yet I wonder if the term “distinct” is so different from consistency.

LIFE IS A ROLLER COASTER. ACCEPT IT! (Well…… I’ve told myself)

So think for a second, JUST THINK. How would you define the term LIFE? What are your perspectives on life?


22 thoughts on “Life is like a Roller Coaster!

  1. Love this post! You make many excellent points when you use the rollercoaster analogy. In this life of perfect Snapchats and Instagram shots it is important to realize that there is more to everyone than the square of rectangle of their lives that we see. Those shots are staged and real life is not.


  2. Great post! I definitely had that realization after college graduation. I went through Highschool and college based on what everyone else was doing and what everyone recommended that I study. After college graduation I realized that I was lost and had no idea where to go to next. 3 years later and I’m still trying to figure it out. It’s a journey!


  3. Interesting thoughts! I’m an independent person but I do find myself very influenced by others. It’s hard not to change to try to please people, ironically especially people who are critical. But I think it’s important to accept yourself, as you say.


  4. Great post! I have felt life’s rocky ups and downs, the feelings of getting sick of it, and wondering if the roller coaster is ever going to stop. Like you said in your post, we follow and are influenced by other people, but in my everyday life, I strive to find my happiness and purpose that’s different from everyone else’s. I do this through finding my own happiness and opinions through curiosity and self questioning. If we know why we do the things we do and we know why we love what we love, we can find happiness and maybe experience life’s roller coasters a little bit differently.


  5. Very well said. Though for everything I cry for. Happy – cry. Sad – cry. Stressed / angry – you guessed it… cry.

    Life is very much like a roller coaster and as much as sometimes it may stink you still enjoy it in the end. Beautifully put. Thanks.

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  6. Well said…life is hard and trying to find yourself and be different takes a toll on you. My motto is to take everyday as a new one and just be myself, however different or alike I am to someone else. As long as I am happy and my family is happy – I am content 🙂

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  7. It truly is. Sometimes my lows are so low that it feels like I fell asleep on a merry-go-round and couldn’t stop it, but highs are pretty great too, so indeed the rollercoaster thing resonates with me so much. Thanks for sharing, it’s a beautiful post! 🙂

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  8. The hardest part about life is that more often than not, you will find yourself in a situation where you have absolutely no control over what is happening. It’s not easy to accept that. Ideally, everyone would like to have their destiny in their own hands. For instance, what to study at university, the ideal job, the ideal partner, the ideal car, the ideal house, the ideal retirement age. This list is endless. What we wish isn’t always what we get no matter how sad or disappointed we might be. What I have realized though is that life, per se, is the greatest teacher. It has all the lessons and all the answers at the same time. It’s important to realize this, and most importantly, to accept them. EVERYTHING in life happens for a reason.

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  9. It is definitely hard to not get caught up in the “rat race” of trying to keep up with what others are doing. It took a long time for me to also realize, “hey, man, just do your thing or things that call to you. It doesn’t matter what persons X Y or Z are doing.” ❤

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