My Love For Food


As I grow and develop myself everyday, I’ve come to realise how much I love the variety exquisite dishes that the world offers. In basic words, I crave food all the time.(DON’T JUDGE ME) Lately, I’ve been jumping around from one restaurant to another. Capturing photos and, of course, tasting their different dishes. The best part about doing this was getting the opportunity to do this my friends and family. I mean, think about it, who wants to do this on their own. Chewing on food while looking around wondering why you came alone and giving people the most awkward stare EVER. (By the way,  that happened to me once and I vowed never to do that again)

I passed by a restaurant close to where I stay and saw this on  their wall. I immediately thought of me.

I tasted Indian, Chinese, Thai, Moroccan and Greek dishes and to my surprise, I loved them all. So after wandering around from one restaurant to another, I came to an astonishing conclusion that I love Italian dishes.  No, its not because of their pasta dishes (which, in my opinion are the best) but simply because of their astounding capability to compose a dish that has various flavours that could literally melt your mouth.

There is this restaurant I went to called Pizza Delferno. It is situated very close to where I stay and recently opened so I decided, why not try it. The inside of the place looked absolutely beautiful and very welcoming.

I decided to order a dish of pasta and a side of garlic bread. (PS: You can never go wrong with garlic bread in an Italian restaurant.)

5463316320-7ba54b1362-o_54_990x660 (2)

garlic-bread (2)(Food Photo  Credit: To my amazing friend that requested to remain anonymous)

If I could rate this restaurant, I would definitely give it a 10/10. And the food… I mean what more can I say. I think the word  PERFETTO sums it up pretty well. One advice I would give to all of you out there is to definitely try this. Jump from one restaurant to another and eat, eat, EAT!!!!

So tell me, what type of food/ dishes do you like? Are you a foodie? Have you tried different types of foods before? If so, did you like it?


13 thoughts on “My Love For Food

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  3. Hmmmm burgers😝 this was awesome. As a food lover myself if I may suggest you try Salvadorian – pupusas or Peruvian Food so good. If you have yet not tried of course …😜

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  4. Love this. I am a foodie myself and I think the best way to cross language barriers and express our passion for life is through our food.

    It’s always lovely to find someone who understands your passions!

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