Black: Casual. Simple. Elegant.

BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

I’ve constantly told myself that black can be simple yet elegant. Reason being, no matter what type of outfit you wear, black appears to be more trendy. Regardless of the weather, black can be worn anywhere. The key to picking the right all black outfit is having the right pair shoes. Once you’ve found the right type of shoe, work your way all up and then from there, you’re sorted. Keep in mind to always stick to your sense of style instead of coping what others have already done.

IMG-20160111-WA0003 (2)

For this looked, I’ve decided to go with a pair of black yeezy boost 350 and dark blue slightly torn jeans. I added a plain black quarter sleeve shirt and a black matine hat. To top the look of, I’ve decide to add a pair of lime green circular sunglasses.

IMG-20160111-WA0001 (2)IMG-20160111-WA0004 (2)IMG-20160111-WA0005 (2)IMG-20160111-WA0010 (2)





3 thoughts on “Black: Casual. Simple. Elegant.

  1. Loving your style! I agree that black is always trendy, simple but elegant. Most of my winter clothes is grey or black (plus dresses and everything elegant) and my summer clothes had a bit colors 🙂

    BTW I’m was nominated for the Liebster Award! Yay..I answered few questions and nominated other if you want to interact with more bloggers go and check my new blog post 🙂

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