Travel to and fro

We live in a world with over 3 billion people that offer vast varieties of cultural understanding. This, indeed, makes us different in our own ways. Imagine living with people that talked, walked or lived exactly as you did, now how boring would that be. I, for one, love to travel and explore, not because I love the feeling of moving around but because I love experiencing new things.

The best part about travelling is getting to experience different types of lifestyle along with eating variety dishes and meeting new people. You get to capture moments that will either last for a second or forever. When being given an opportunity to travel, the best decision that you will ever make would be to accept the offer.

This past holiday I got the opportunity to go and visit the beautiful cities that Cape Town had to offer. My main goals were to go site seeing, mountain climbing, watch the sunset, take random boat rides and relax on the beach. Without a doubt I yearned to capture a few of the most amazing moments and beautiful sceneres that I got to experience.


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