Starting Afresh!

The most difficult part about starting from scratch is not knowing what to base your ideas on. You ramble, question, become indecisive and , well, eventually give up. This is exactly how I felt in the past few months.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to start a blog. Well, to be precise, the blog basically focused on my love for photography. The world of photography as a whole had this utter effect on me, so the easiest way to portrait that was to blog about it. My only problem was the fact that I was not consistent enough for my readers. I would lack ideas and eventually go a month or two without posting anything.

Well 2015 is almost up and I have decided to start a website. You see, this way I will not just post about photography but keep you all informed about my ongoing routines, fashion, hobbies, music, etc. It took me a while to realise that I was in desperate need of change but here I am. Hopefully this site will keep you all fulfilled and as interested as I am.




9 thoughts on “Starting Afresh!

  1. Wow Not only Am I Full Of Joy But Proud Of You My Friend , I Dont Know Why It Took You This Long But Better Late Than Nevet , I Hope THis Journey Of Yours Not Only Takes You Far With Blessings And Succed But That You Never Lose The Inspiration And Perserverance To Keep Moving Forward Lol I Could Go On And On But Just Wish You The Best ..
    Most Def Ima Be Your No1 Supporter lol But Do Keep Us Entertained And HaPpy BlogGing …

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